Giant inflatable bubbles, a soccer ball and two or more teams eager to have fun - these are the requirements for playing a Bubble Football game. It is similar to the traditional football game and has the same objective (scoring goal) but has different rules.

In Bubble Football bumping into the opponent or even knocking him down does not get you a penalty, quite the opposite: it means you're getting that extra fun, adrenaline and joy, while burning some calories.

Get inside these giant bubbles and show your worth - within falls and stunts but in complete safety.

Prices and terms and conditions
6 persons minimum
Duration: 90 minutes
The price comprises: soccer field, VAT, personal accident insurance, professional instructor and travel expenses (except outside Penela)

6 – 9 people: 129€
10 – 14 people: 159€
More than 15 people: Price upon request

Let’s play until we fall back down!