This activity - Tree-top - consists of progressing in height, going from tree to tree, using rope bridges, nets, slides, Tarzan jumps and other creative and fun techniques! Our courses are independent, that is, they start and end on the floor and combine between 7 to 12 activities throughout.
The level of difficulty gradually increases as the games / crossings become more and more challenging. The tree climbing also gets more demanding as you advance through the colors of each course, progressing to the ascent.

Tree-top is much more than just climbing trees. It entails safety by using wood and wire ropes in the construction of the equipment and the innovative CLiC-iT system. When exploring this activity in this type of theme park, emotions such as surpassing, confidence and self-awareness come to the fore.
Tree climbing is extremely didactic and has a fair share of adventure, facts for which we invite you to come test your skills and excel in an activity that gives you adrenaline and tons of fun, as it lifts you off the ground!

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