The swings have two side ropes joined at a small round log over which you'll be standing. Hold on to the side ropes with your hands and it feels like riding a swing, only standing upright.

In the zip line the descent is performed by sliding a pulley on a cable. There are plenty of zip lines during the courses and the last game of each course is always a descent from the last tree onto the ground. To start this activity, you need to jump from the platform and fling out to the next tree.

It is usually at the beginning of some of the courses. The wall is made of plywood and has climbing tines that make the hike to the platform possible.

In this activity you must slide with your feet tied to a snowboard. For balance there is a rope to grip which slides at the same time as the board.

Supported by an upright rope that ensures safety first, the Tarzan must jump forward and slightly down, flying to another tree.